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Total Knee Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

When you and your physician have determined that total hip or knee replacement is a good option for you, you can have your procedure done at Sequoia Surgical Pavilion. We offer the latest technology in a safe and comfortable environment. Unlike a hospital setting, our infection rates are extremely low and patient care is individualized and our top priority.

Most patients have a rapid recovery and have considerably less pain than they did before surgery. Most patients go home within 24 hours after surgery but you may require 2-3 days at the pre-arranged orthopedic rehab center. Your doctor will help you decide the best place for you to continue recovering after you leave the Center. This may be at home or in a rehab center. A rehab center is similar to a hospital — you stay there day and night and are cared for by doctors, nurses and therapists until you become well enough to go home. If your doctor wants you to go home, therapy will continue there as well. Most forms of exercise are acceptable after you have completely recovered from surgery, including walking, swimming and biking. However, you should avoid high-impact activities such as jogging and kneeling.

Your surgery will take approximately 1-2 hours and then you will spend another 1-3 hours in the Recovery Room. You will wake up in a comfortable bed and, when you are ready will be moved to a private room. You will have a Registered Nurse assigned to you during your entire stay.

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